Gas Fitting

Converting from electric to gas appliances means greater efficiency, faster heat conduction, the emittance of fewer pollutants, and less energy consumption. However, the installation and fitting of gas ranges, heaters, boilers, tankless heaters and BBQ’s should only be conducted by a licensed and bonded gas fitter. Rocky Mountain Rooter has been providing gas fitting services for nearly two decades.

Why Should You Consider Gas for Your Home?

Hot Water Solutions:

  • With traditional hot water heaters being the second largest energy user after space heating, your household’s consumption of hot water could account for more than 20% of your total annual household energy consumption, natural gas-powered tankless water heating solutions make your home more efficient.


  • Instant heat and precise temperature control are just two reasons why chefs prefer cooking with gas. Explore the“range” of natural gas appliances in the kitchen.


  • Compared to standard electric models, a natural gas dryer heats up instantly and dries clothes faster – giving you more time for things besides laundry. Plus, according to FortisBC, you could potentially see a savings of up to 45% in dryer energy costs per year.

Outdoor Living:

  • For outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy the BBQ all year round, gas not only provides a continuous supply of fuel, it means you’ll never have to deal with messy charcoal or propane tanks again.


By switching to natural gas, not only will you significantly save energy and money on your energy bills, FortisBC recognizes and rewards households who embrace making the switch. Rocky Mountain Rooter is knowledgeable about the various Rebate programs offered by FortisBC and well versed in the ENERGY STAR® portfolio of products and appliances to ensure you are eligible for rebates.