Heating Solutions

Did you know that a 20-25 year old furnace has an efficiency rating hovering somewhere around 60%? That means older Vancouver homes generate 40% of their heat through the combustion of natural gas which ends up dissipating through the chimney flue instead of heating up the house.  High-efficiency furnaces are designed to exhaust out through the side of the home, through a two-inch plastic pipe, ensuring precious heat doesn’t escape. Conventional hot water tanks, while inefficient, still represent the second largest household use of natural gas. With new federal requirements calling for home to become 80% efficient at minimum by 2020, now may be the time to make the investment.


How to maintain the longevity of your high efficiency furnace

Like major investments, the secret to increasing longevity be it a vehicle or home appliance is regular maintenance and care. Here are a few ways to ensure you get the most out of your high-efficiency furnace:

  • Schedule a maintenance check for your furnace before the cold weather hits. There’s nothing worse than having your furnace break down in the dead of winter.
  • Be sure to clean or change the filters everything three months and ensure the fan compartment door is sealed closed. This helps maintain efficiency and more importantly, promotes healthy air quality.
  • We know space comes at a premium in Vancouver homes, but it’s important to keep all vents and air returns clear of any obstructions like furniture, storage items and even lint, dust and pet hair.
  • And finally, never lean anything against your furnace or store anything flammable nearby!

Alternative Solutions: Advanced Home Heating & Endless Hot Water

As many homes are seeking out solutions that both provide their households with an efficient way to enjoy heat and hot water, a Hydronic Air Handler will help you do just that. The Hydronic Air Handler Hydronic Air Handler replaces traditional ducted furnace systems, and eliminates the need for a gas line and air venting. The Hydronic Air Handler connects to your tankless water heater and transfers hot water through a hydronic heating coil within the air handler. As the hot water circulates through the coil, warm air is sent through the residential duct system, as the cool water by-product recirculates to the tankless unit to be reheated and reused. With an integrated control panel that connects directly to your home’s thermostat, the Hydronic Air Handler regulates your home’s spacial temperature and provides an endless supply of hot water simultaneously.


By switching to a high-efficiency furnace, not only will you significantly save energy and money on your energy bills, FortisBC recognizes and rewards households who invest in their homes. Rocky Mountain Rooter is knowledgeable about the various rebate programs offered by FortisBC and well versed in the ENERGY STAR® portfolio of products and appliances to ensure you are eligible for rebates.